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Get more Customers Through Extension’s Outbound Services

Web Development Solutions

Expand your businesses online presence and functionality with our tailored solutions

Inbound Calling

Stop burning money on your in house receptionist, as talk to us today about reducing your costs.

Outbound Calling

Get more customers through Extension’s outbound services.

Web Development

Expand your businesses online presence and functionality with our tailored solutions.

Advanced Services

Talk to Extension about virtually any business need, we are here to help.


Have your business telecommunication services billed by our partner HCIT.

App Development

Move your business into the mobile-era with a custom developed application.

About Extension

From the creators of HCIT, Extension is a group that provides anything from the individual entrepreneur to the large commercial organisation extensions for their business needs. Whether it be extra sales staff making calls or customised software being developed, Extension makes running your business easier, more cost effective and profitable.

Australian based and operated, Extension are able to provide local businesses the ability to utilise our offshore resources (call centre options) without dealing in the murky waters of international transactions. (Although we utilise offshore call centre options to help reduce costs for our customers, all website and software development is done by our Australian staff).

We have been designed to be a 1 stop shop for all business needs that can be outsourced. Extension speaks a language that any person with or without IT or sales knowledge can understand and can assist in strategies that help grow your business.

Website Development

In todays web development marketplace, you get what you pay for. If you have been offered a website for $999.95, you will want to be sure none of your customers see it, because your business will look like its only worth $999.95. Remember, first impressions last.

In an industry riddles with over promising and under delivering, you need a web development partner who can deliver on exactly what you require.

Not Just A Cheap Template

Even with infinite thought and effort put into website strategy, user experience, or design, if your site doesn’t function correctly, customers wont be impressed. At the end of the day, a sub-par website demands more work on your end and may be difficult (or impossible) to update, change, or use.

At Extension, we provide the technical flexibility and development ingenuity to deliver quality solutions. From day one, the team building your website is involved in planning for your website. That means we hit the ground running and you get the build you need – not just a site that meets a set of specifications, but a true business solution.

Outbound Call Services

Get more Customers Through Extension’s Outbound Services

Through outbound call services, Extension helps you get more customers and make more money by taking your existing business model or product and putting it in front of more people. Unlike most outsourcing options available where staff are trained in American methodology, Extension utilise a unique Australian based training program for all our staff, to ensure that your Australian customers listen to what we have to say.

Whether you need us to set appointments for your own staff to follow up, or provide an end to end sales solution, Extension are here to help.

For an obligation free quote, or just to have a conversation about how this works, contact us.

Inbound Call Services

Stop Burning Money on Your In House Receptionist

Our inbound call centre agents can be trained to be your full-time receptionist, taking messages, providing your callers with information they need, routing calls, and anything else that your normal receptionist can do. More importantly, they can do this at a fraction of the cost you’re currently paying.

A boost in revenue growth

Outsourcing to us ensures the quality of the service given to your customers, enhances customer satisfaction, spurring customer retention and loyalty. Moreover, it increases opportunities for referrals and repeat business purchases. Our inbound call centre services can provide you with valuable consumer insights that lets you know what you can improve to make your products or services more marketable.

Optimized time and effort

By working with us, you will have an efficient and ready inbound call centre team to handle customer needs. This frees you from the time-consuming process of recruitment and managing a customer support team, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

For an obligation free quote, or just to have a conversation about how this works, contact us.

Additional Service

Extension provides virtually all types of business services, including (but not limited to):

Telecommunication Services & Hardware
Customised Mobile Phone Applications
Artificial Intelligence Based Process Automation (including Machine Plus options)
Customised Data for Marketing
Creation and Implementation of Marketing Strategies
Business Analysis to Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability
Development and Execution of High-Risk Strategies
Social Media Marketing

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